Maternal mortality is a term used to describe a woman's death due to a pregnancy-related issues during pregnancy or a year from its termination or due to an existing condition exacerbated by pregnancy. Every year, an estimated 303,000 women lose their lives during childbirth, mostly in underdeveloped nations. This study aimed to assess the current situation and causes of maternal mortality around the world. It was conducted by searching for the related keywords in Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Google Books. The search was limited to articles published between the years 2015 and 2023. This article found that maternal deaths can be attributed to various direct and indirect causes. Direct causes include issues with pregnancy, labor, or the first 42 days following the end of a pregnancy, while indirect causes encompass underlying health issues that the pregnancy or its care may exacerbate. Heavy bleeding (mainly after delivery), hypertension, and infection are the main problems that cause about 75% of all maternal deaths. In conclusion, maternal mortality can occur due to various factors, including pregnancy complications, inadequate access to healthcare, pre-existing health conditions, and inequities in healthcare. Preventing maternal mortality requires partnerships across various sectors, including healthcare, housing, transportation, education, and other social factors that affect health. By exploring the causes and identifying the factors contributing to maternal mortality, researchers can inform policy to develop targeted interventions to prevent and reduce these deaths worldwide.


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