Arthritis is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease that may be due to genetic factors and some autoantibodies, It causes inflammation of the parts it affects, mainly attacks the joints, affects the feet and hands clearly, and can extend to the rest of the body organs such as the heart and lungs, and causes tissue damage, generating severe pain in the long term. It affects women more than men. It was found from the results of the current research study that there are a number of significant differences between the patients group and the control group, and the results were as follows. It was found that the patients had a high rate of rheumatoid arthritis estimated at 71% compared to the control group, which was estimated at 29% . Also, there was a significant variance estimated at) p < 0.05) in the WBC count between RA patients and control group, which was mean (8.34 ± 1.12, 3.82 ± 0.8 mm/ The results also indicated that there was a significant variance by increasing the concentration of Alkaline phosphatase(ALP) in the group of pregnant women with arthritis compared to the group of control group by (17.144 ± 7.15,5.412 ± 3.75 (U/l)), respectively. As for the Aspartate transaminase enzyme(AST), the results showed an increase in the concentration of this enzyme, which means that there is also a significant difference in the group of patients with the disease compared to the control group and it was (18.721 ± 5.505, 64.23 ± 8.8 (U / l)), respectively, the results of Alanine transaminase enzyme(ALT) indicated a significant increase in the patients group compared with the control group of women with a rate of (85 ± 2.42, 43.3407 ± 7.08 (U/l)), respectively. It was also observed that there was a significant increase) p < 0.05) in the concentration of total cholesterol in the group of women suffering from generalized arthritis compared to the control group, with an estimated rate of approximately (18.8320 and 11.336 (mg/dL)), respectively. It was noted that there was a significant increase ) p < 0.05) in the concentration of triglycerides in the group of women suffering from arthritis compared to the control group. The average was (47.891 ,39.20 (mg/dL)), respectively. However, there was no significant difference (p > 0.05) in concentration of total proteins and albumin, between patients with arthritis between the control group The proportions were for both of them and for the patients and control groups (82.5±1.03, 61.23±0.9),( 45.65±1.9, 30.23± 0.74) respectively. - Also, it was found that there was a significant decrease (p < 0.05) with serum (K) of RA patients compared to the control and the mean. (1.43+0.09, 5.6+0.22 ( mm/l)) respectively, there were a significant variation (p


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