Overview: The negative impact of diabetes mellitus on the quality of life is not limited to the clinical aspects, it also extends to the psychological and economic sides of their lives. Deteriorated sleep quality is one of the major factors that affect diabetics' health-related quality of life. This research is an attempt to track the pathophysiology of sleep disturbance in type 2 diabetic patients by evaluating serum melatonin levels as a key hormone that induces sleep. Methods: Eighty-eight relatively glycemic-controlled type 2 diabetic patients were recruited in a cross-sectional study to evaluate their quality of sleep. The study then tends to examine the nighttime serum melatonin levels in both good and poor sleepers groups. Results: Poor sleepers were dominant, with 47 patients out of 88. A significant difference was recorded in serum melatonin levels between good and poor sleep quality. Melatonin concentrations were 17.32+ 2.26 pg/mL in good sleepers; on the other hand, poor sleepers recorded mean serum melatonin of 11.15+2.81 (p-value 0.001). Waist circumferences were noted to be significantly different, with a mean of 97.8+11.37 cm and 105.614.34 cm for the good and poor sleepers, respectively (p-value = 0.007). Conclusion: Poor sleep quality is more prevalent in the type 2 diabetic sample population, with a significantly lower nighttime serum melatonin level in the patients with poor sleep quality.


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