The use of vesicular structures as a drug delivery method has many advantages, including extending the duration of the drug's action in circulation, enhancing drug targeting, minimizing adverse effects, and boosting the bioavailability of a variety of medications. Spanlastics, which are elastic and can transport a range of pharmaceutical substances, are thought to be a subset of nanovesicles. They have drawn interest as a potentially effective medicine delivery method. They are a preferred choice for many administration routes because of their pliable and elastic nature, which allows them to pass through various cellular membranes. Non-ionic surfactants or a mixture of surfactants and a nanoscale edge activator make up these nanovesicles. Researchers have established that SPs improve drug bioavailability. The structure, composition, special qualities, and applicability as a cutting-edge drug delivery system for encapsulating a range of medications to treat various ailments are all covered in this review paper.


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