The pharmaceutical industry has recently adopted a revolutionary strategy concerning the dosage form's composition and delivery methods, it is necessary to generate unique dosage forms in order to increase patient compliance, safety, and effectiveness. Enzymes are responsible for both the first-pass digestion and subsequent degradation of common oral dosage forms, although mucoadhesive films can prevent this issue, so, the creation of the buccal film is just one of the cutting-edge technologies that serve as an alternative to the conventional oral solid dosage form particularly for young children and elderly patients who have trouble swallowing. The buccal film is easier to use, visually appealing, and more suitable than alternative buccal drug administration since it is non-irritating, simple to use, quickly absorbed, elegant, and biodegradable (1). The buccal mucosa offers a direct pathway into the bloodstream while eliminating an acidic environment. The most popular method for producing a buccal film is called film casting for delivering proteins and personal care items. This article provides a thorough analysis of the buccal film's advantages, drawbacks, evaluation criteria, and formulation.



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