Among the most serious problems affecting public health is urinary tract infection (UTI). There are several parts of the urinary tract affected by this type of inflammation and affects women more frequently than men. As the antibacterial resistance problem is growing in urological medicine, there is a increasing and a continuing requirement to add antimicrobial medication which could be from medicinal herbs in regulatory UTIs. Since the beginning of civilization, medicinal plants have been an integral element of human society in the fight against diseases. For the aim of reducing costs, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and eliminating the side effects of UTI patients, medicinal plants have gained wide popularity and great interest. Medicinal plants have been known as a rich source of therapeutic agents. A number of different plants show promise the ability to treat of a various urologic disorders. As the current review illustrates, a number of traditional medicinal plants are evaluated to prevent or treat UTIs, and modern scientific investigations on these important herbs and some isolated chemical compounds.

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