The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread rapidly across all continents. However, data on all COVID-19 signs and symptoms are inadequate, Patients with COVID-19 may be more susceptible to fungal infections. Mucormycosis is an uncommon and often fatal fungal disease characterized via vascular invasion by hyphae leading to thrombosis and necrosis. Covid recovered patients with co morbidities like as diabetes or kidney disease, heart failure, or cancer are more likely to get black fungal infection. The signs of this infection are similar to those of Covid-19 and common flu, If the infection is neglected or mistreated, it can spread from the nose to the eyes and brain, resulting in life-threatening complications. Prompt diagnosis, therapy initiation, as well as considering the limitations of quick development COVID-19 therapeutic recommendations were already essential to increasing survival of patients.This study aimed to explain the correlation between Covid 19 & Mucormycosis.


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