The world health organization (WHO) define the premature birth as a birth occur before 37 weeks of gestation or if the birth weight is below 2500 g. Our case subjected for both criteria of the preterm definition. ((1)) ((2)) The case was born before 31st week with 1300 g birth weight with stormy beginning of life in the first three months in the hospital according to the history taken from general practitioner (GP) for that reason their parents tack care about his general health and specifically oral health and development. Throughout his life he developed healthy with no medical problem. Since the primary dentition erupts his parents periodically check his teeth twice time a year. He did not show any dental abnormality or disturbance in sequence of eruption of primary teeth. When he hit the school age around 6 years old the primary teeth became erupt to the oral cavity started with lower central incisors, as a normal sequence of tooth eruption similar to the full term child (( 3 )) . Three years later at age 9 both primary upper primary canine removed and the tip of permanent canine become erupt to the oral cavity.


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